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Now That's What I Call Music! Classic Hits (Japan)


Released: 24 June 2009
01. Matsuoka Yu - Salut D'amour Bifina (Full Version)
02. The Academy Of St.Martin-In-The-Fields- Symphony No.25 In G Minor K183:1.Allegro Con Brio (Opening)
03. Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra - Symphony No.9 In E Minor B178 (Op.95) 'From The New World':4.Allegro Con Fuoco (Opening)
04. Chopin - Prelude No.7 In A Major
05. The Academy Of St.Martin-In-The-Fields - Canon In D Major
06. The Academy Of St.Martin-In-The-Fields - Suite No.3 In D Major Bwv1068:Air
07. Nancy Allen - Reverie
08. Robert Tear - Messiah (Ed.Basil Lam):Hallelujah (Chorus)
09. John Lenehan - Czardas
10. Vanessa-Mae - Nessun Dorma (From Violin Fantasy On Puccini's Turandot)
11. Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra - Symphony No.101 In D Major 'Clock':2.Andante (Extract)
12. Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra - Symphony No.5 In C Minor Op.67:1.Allegro Con Brio (Opening)
13. Stanislav Bunin – Bach (Js)/Kempff: Choral Prelude, Bwv 645, "Awake, The Voice Is Sounding"
14. The New Philharmonia Orchestra - Pavane Pour Une Infante Defunte
15. Liszt - Liebestraum No.3 In A Flat Major - Dream Of Love
16. Royal Philharmonic Orchestra - The Nutcracker Op.71.Act 2:Waltz Of The Flowers (Extract)
17. Victor De Sabata - Tosca.Act 2:Vissi D'arte (Mono)
18. Julian Bream - Concierto De Aranjuez:2.Adagio (Opening)
19. Chopin - Nocturne No.20 In C Sharp Minor.Op.Posth.
20. Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra - The Planets-Suite For Large Orchestra Op.32:4.Jupiter.The Bringer Of Jollity (Allegro Giocoso)



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